Justin Johnson

My name is Justin Johnson and I've been creating content at EvenGooder.com since 2016.  This personal blog focusses on advanced topics within the VMware EUC space, including identity, device management, remote access, and VDI.   The views expressed anywhere on this site are strictly mine and not the opinions and views of VMware.   That said, the topics and insights shared are very much informed and inspired by my experience supporting VMware customers.  For 9 years I've worked at VMware and I currently hold the title of Staff Solutions Engineer, End User Computing.  Further, recently I began representing VMware's Office Of The CTO as an Ambassador, so if you've got some ideas about improvements to VMware products I'd love to hear from you in the comments below.   

Prior to joining VMware I worked within healthcare IT for over 13 years and still focus on the healthcare space to this day.  Back then, to say the least, I wore many hats.  For nearly a decade I managed 3500 to 5000 desktops using a PCLM product called Marimba.  Along the way, I covered Active Directory, Exchange, enterprise backups with EMC Networker and Data Domain, vSphere across 6 locations and rudimentary switch management.  Essentially, I pushed out ungodly amounts of change and had my fingers in absolutely everything.  While deploying VMware View VDI with Imprivata was certainly a highlight, it represents just a fraction of the work I did.  I'm incredibly proud of the time I spent supporting hospital operations and still remain friends with many of my former colleagues.   

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